SOSE Organic Chilli Powder 100gm


Benefits :

• Helps with Osteoarthritis
• Settles the Stomach
• Fights Fat
• Builds Immunity
• Sexual Arousal

Best quality chilli powder. 100% certified organic.

Red chilli powder has tremendous significance in Bharatiya cuisine as well as Ayurveda.

Chilli powder is extremely heating in nature, helps to balance kapha dosha, improve digestion strength and reduce joint pains.

SOSE Organic Chilli powder is made from chilli which have a special aroma & flavor. Use them to spice up your meals and stay healthy!

At SOSE, it is our mission to change the way people think about food and healthcare, bringing simple Ayurvedic concepts back into your homes. With ethical practices and products, we are dependable partners to help you lead a pure, organic and healthy lifestyle


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