SOSE Organic Chhash Masala 150gm


Benefits :

• Helps calm the stomach after a spicy meal
• Aids in digestion
• A great tool against dehydration
• Gives you calcium sans the fat
• B complex and other vitamins
• Reduces blood pressure
• Brings about a drop in cholesterol


No preservatives. No artificial flavours. No Colours.

Made with highest quality natural or organic ingredients.

Chhash Masala is highly recommended in Ayurveda to boost digest, remove toxins and reduce vata and kapha.

SOSE Chhash Masala spice mix is sure to add a delectable twist to your chhash / buttermilk, while being health enhancing for your family.

At SOSE, it is our mission to change the way people think about food and healthcare, bringing simple Ayurvedic concepts back into your homes. With ethical practices and products, we are dependable partners to help you lead a pure, organic and healthy lifestyle.


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