GIR Kesar & Panchpushpa Saundarya Nikhar Herbal Face Serum Oil 30ml



• Reduce your wrinkles
• Good for dry skin.
• Protect your skin.
• Perfect primer for makeup.
• Shrink enlarged pores
• Calm down rashes.
• Great for banishing zits.

Kesar PanchPushpa

Let the Power of Flowers bless you with a rich tone and luminosity.Five Divine Flowers combine with Kesar to lend your face the most perfect, most beautiful skin.

Floral extracts and flowers have played a prominent role in enhancing beauty in cultures all across the world throughout history. Modern Science also attests to the fact that natural fatty acids from flowers can penetrate deep into skin cells and boost hydration.

Kesar has been a favourite beauty ingredient among the royaty and women in Bharat for centuries, and is clinically proven to improve skin texture and complexion. Other authentic herbs in this oil gently heal and improve blood circulation


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