GIR Ahinsak Gau Ghee 500ml



• Normalizes Vata and Pitta doshas. Nourishes the body.
• GIR Gau Ghee is an excellent home remedy to improve digestion and cure constipation.
• Brain tonic – excellent for improving memory and intelligence.
• Anti-cancer properties – having power to stop growth in cancer cells.
• Strengthens immune system and vitality.
• Good for voice, eyes and vision.
• Good for building stamina.
• Excellent for glowing skin.
• Excellent for increasing appetite.

Ahinsak – Gir Gau Ghee is prepared using the traditional “bilona” method. It is prepared from A2 milk obtained from Gir Gomata (Cow) using the ancient Indian practice of “dohan”. According to Shastra’s (ancient Indian treatises), dohan (derived from “do” meaning two) literally means the calf is allowed to feed to its satisfaction from two “anchals”, while the remaining two can be used to obtain milk for other living beings including humans. We never get rid of older non-lactating Gaumata’s or Nandi’s. Our Gomata’s are reared unrestricted according to principles of nature, and left to grace on an organic field. We do not use modern artificial interventions to induce breeding or increase milk production.


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