COCOA Organic Super Nutrition Drinking Chocolate 150gm


Benefits :-

• Organic & unsweetened
• Ideal for hot chocolates, cookies cakes, brownies, etc.
• Enriched with Ayurvedic herbs
• No added colours, flavours or preservatives.
• May Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke
• Easy to Include in Your Diet

  • Co Coa Co draws inspiration from Bansi Gir Gaushala, and its work towards reviving Bharat’s ancient “Gau Sanskriti”. We believe ancient Bharat holds the solution to many of the challenges facing humanity today. Co Coa Coaims to recreate the same purity and authenticity that is characteristic of ancient Bharat.While doing so, we help people empower farmers who are the cornerstone of Bharatiya Gau Sanskriti.
  • Co Coa Co blends the best of Western culinary tradition with Bharatiya Ayurvedic wisdom, in a way that has never been done before. It is an effort to change the way people think about food and beverage, bringing simple Ayurvedic wisdom back into the household.
  • Co Coa Co is Dakshin Bharatiya, and also Ayurvedic. Our blends are made with some of the finest, most authentic cocoa beans sourced from the Southern regions of Bharat.Co Coa Co Blends are artisan, infused with herbs consistent with Ayurvedic principles and mixed in perfect proportions to give you a refreshing delectable taste.
  • Co Coa Co is much more than just your regular chocolaty drink. Co Coa Co is simple yet powerful, delicious yet healthy, playful yet serious about helping you improve your health & lifestyle. When you pamper yourself with Co Coa Co, you don’t just pamper your senses, but also fuel your life energies, your purity and your well being.
  • When you buy this blend, you also support ethical farming practices, and farmers who work hard under tough hilly or all season conditions to bring you authentic products without harming Mother Nature.

How to Use:-

  • Make peanut butter better

  • Elevate your yogurt

  • Improve smoothie recipes

  • you can use it with milk 


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